Student Debt Strike for Climate

"To fight for the possibility that future generations may live, and in the interest of the survival of humanity past the 21st century, it has become necessary for ordinary people to take revolutionary action. We owe nothing to a system that sold our future for profit before we were born. Our only debt is to the future: rebel, now, while there may still be time to prevent the worst-case scenarios of climate change. Steal your education!"

LeftForum 2019 Panel

"A student debt boycott wouldn’t just be about cancelling student debt, but about provoking a confrontation with the creditor class. If student debtors take the lead, perhaps as in France in 1968, the indebted working class will stand in solidarity. I put this question before the panelists, the audience, those watching online, to the activists and organizers demanding a radical transformation of this country, and the 44 million student debtors; is it time to organize the power of economic withdrawal, and stop paying our student loans?"

Call for a Student Debt Boycott and the Resignation of Donald Trump (2019)

Student debt is immoral and unjust, and it must be abolished, but that will never happen until a movement of Americans rises up to demand it, and boycotts their debts until our government is forced to act. A boycott of student debt has the potential to unite the existing movements for social justice in a meaningful action which will help lead to our collective liberation.